Thursday, August 13, 2009

Welcome notes

It has now been some seven months since I decided to retire from the field of "UFO research." My 40 year saga in this arena of human knowledge was long enough.

Refreshed from the break, I have decided to return to an exploration of other topics which could broadly fit into the area of "Anomalies." Although, over the years, my main interest was the study of UFO reports; I always kept an eye on such topics as "out-of-body experiences"; "near-death experiences"; falls of "Angel hair";and various Fortean phenomena.

Along the way, I read widely as a lay person, in various aspects of psychology, and especially the application of knowledge about hypnopompic and hypnagogic imagery; the fantasy-prone personality; and sleep paralysis to the topics listed above.

I am currently volunteering my time in the Adelaide Theosophical Society's invaluable Radcliffe Library on South Terrace, Adelaide. This library, which is open to public membership, holds some 4000 volumes on a diverse range of topics, which would keep any researcher busy for many years.

The purpose then, of this blog, is to document my research interests; my readings; research papers and musings.

Happy reading!

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