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Oliver Fox's book on OBEs

My second book to review, was published in 1962, but recounts experiences from the early 1900's.

I thought that this might give me a very early perspective on the topic. The author was Oliver Fox and the book titled: "Astral projection: a record of out-of-the body experiences." Published by University Books Inc of New York. The following are the notes I made as I read the book.

(1) "As a child I progressed from illness to illness..."p13.

(2) Until age 7-8 dreams were "...of the nightmare variety." p 14.

(3) Two recurrent nightmares were:

(a) Two identical "mothers" - the dream of the double.
(b) "Something in gradually stretched tighter and tighter." p16 - the extension nightmare.

(4) Age 4-5 fell into a reverie - "extension" occurred.

(5) "Sometimes, just before falling asleep, I would see through my closed eyelids a number of small misty-blue or mauve vibrating circles." Tiny, grinning faces appeared and mocking voices were heard, and then he had a nightmare. He learnt to manipulate this face into an ink pot and then found he did not have a nightmare. p19.

(6) As he got older the nightmares decreased in frequency. His youth "...was rich in dreams..." in "which I was exploring what appeared to be a marvellous celestial world..."p29

(7) In 1902 he had a dream where he noted a details which was wrong -something which was out of place. "Then the solution flashed upon me: though this glorious summer morning seemed as real as real could be, I was dreaming!" p53. The quality of the dream imagery changed-vividness increased a hundred fold. Then he awoke. "I think this first experience was a true projection and that I was actually functioning oputside my physical body." p 33.

(8) He experimented within these dreams and found that he could levitate, and pass through solid walls etc p36.

(9) At the end of this he experienced duality-still in the dream but also simultaneously aware that he was actually lying in bed. p 37.

(10) In one dream-he awoke completely paralysed. This paralysis was only able to be broken when he moved his little finger. pp39-40

(11) He experienced a "false awakening." He thought he was awake but something about his surroundings told him he was still dreaming. p48.

(12) One night he was asleep and had a false awakening. He saw "...a large, egg shaped cloud of intensely brilliant bluish-white light. " In the middle of this he saw his girl friend. He was paralysed. She vanished. p 57. He fell back to sleep. Next day she recalled having been in his room somehow, but not physically. She had projected herself there.

(13) Reverse-on another occasion in 1905 she awoke to find Oliver Fox apparently standing in her room. She was paralysed. He then vanished. p61.

(14) 1908 p66. He was lying on a sofa, in the afternoon, eye closed-left his body by "...willing myself out of it..." found himself in the countryside walking " body called me back."

(15) Found he could will himself out of his body.

(16) 1913-1915. His interest in projection increased. He had many experiences while lying down, trance, left body.

(17) He describes two methods of projection pp121-124.

(a) Take an interest in your dreams, try to recall them. While dreaming, note an incongruity and realise you are dreaming. Feet feel heavier. Moves as though struggling against an elastic cord attached between the shoulder blades. Gets a pain in top of head and centre of forehead. p123. On returning to the body finds it paralysed. Then may experience a false awakening-not awake but in trance condition. Try to sit up and leave your body.

(b) Way of self induced trance. Lie down-think of an imaginary trap door in your brain. Eyes closed. Numbness appears in feet; up legs, expands to entire body. Room appears lit by a golden pale radiance p127. Experience having two bodies. By will power force the fluidic body through the trapdoor. Fluidic body then gets out of bed and explores.

In the next post I will comment on these notes.

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