Thursday, August 27, 2009

Comments on the Oliver Fox book

(5) "Sometimes, just before falling asleep, I would see through my closed eyelids a number of small misty-blue or mauve vibrating circles..."

In later times, the appearance of coloured circles, faces and voices in this situation would receive the label of "hypnagogic and hypnopompic imagery."

(7) In 1902 dream with incorrect detail.

In later times, this experience of being aware that you are dreaming is referred to a having a "lucid dream."

(10) One dream - awoke paralysed.

Paralysis of this type is now associated with dream sleep (or rapid eye movement sleep). One of the proven methods of breaking the paralysis is mental willpower being used to move a finger, which breaks the paralysis

(11) Experienced a false awakening.

I have come across some excellent examples of false awakenings in my readings of the years, where someone believes they have awoken from their sleep in their bedroom; they look around the room and all seems normal, except for some small anomaly. They then realise they are still asleep and dreaming; then really wake up. I recall some stories where these false awakenings can seem to occupy several minutes and involve quite a long recollection which seems true at the time until you wake up. I will try and recall where I read some of these accounts and post them.

(12) One night his girl friend appeared to be in his room, when she was not physically present.
(13) The reverse, She awoke to find Oliver in her room, when he was not really there.

These examples imply evidence that the events took place in some real way, as the body of one person was seen by another person, although in reality they were not physically present.

Overall this book is an excellent account of early experimentation in deliberately inducing "astral projection."

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