Saturday, August 22, 2009

Celia Green's book on OBEs part 2

"If the ecsomatic experience takes place indoors, the subject frequently refers to his ecsomatic position as being near the ceiling..."p 47.

Posture of subject's physical body - Lying down 73.3%; sitting 17.6%.

"The data presented in the last chapter shows that there is some reason to associate ecsomatic experiences with decreased muscle tone." p 53.

"Nearly 5 per cent of subjects report apparent paralysis occurring at some stage of their ecsomatic experience." p 60.

Sensory modalities involved - single cases - sight 93.2%; hearing 33.5% p 67.

"89.3 per cent of the subjects of single cases stated that the things they saw while out of the body looked just as they would do normally and 82.3 per cent stated that things looked coloured in the normal way." p71.

"Only 29.6 per cent of the subjects of single cases reported that they felt connected in any way to their physical body...p100.

"In the majority of single cases there is no consciousness of any transition to or from the ecsomatic state." p 108.

ESP. "A characteristic form of apparent extra-sensory perception associated with ecsomatic states is 'travelling clairvoyance' - i.e. the subject appears to travel to as distant place and to obtain information about the state of affairs at that place, which he could not have acquired by normal means." p126.

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