Thursday, September 24, 2009

Alien abduction OBE?

Yet another book which I found in the Radcliffe Library of the Adelaide Theosophic Society was "More Astral Projections" by author Robert Crookal, published by Aquarian Press in London in 1964. From the number of books published on this topic around the 60's there must have been quite an interest in that era!

From the preface "While many dreams are pure fantasy, some,we maintain are astral projections."

This book is a study of 222 OBE cases drawn from letters to the author and 37 sent in to a newspaper called the "Daily Sketch."

Introduction "By astral projection is meant the belief that people possess a second, non-physical (and therefore invisible and intangible) body.

Here we find personal accounts of both the traditional OBE and of people apparently in more than one place at one time - bio-location.

Some cases, such as the 1954 case number ed 212 on page 27 describe what today would be called sleep paralysis, with associated sense of "presence."

A very interesting case , numbered 261 on page 57 is related to have happened in 1941-42.

"One night I woke up (and I am quite sure I did wake up) and, finding myself flat on my back, made to turn over to my side. To my consternation I found that I could not move at all. My body was paralysed. Then suddenly, I began to slide out of bed feet first..." This OBE experience would not be out of place in the description of the start of an alien abduction experience! On top of this, many years ago I interviewed a person who was having poltergeist like manifestations. They awoke one morning to find themselves being dragged off the bed feet first by an invisible something. here, the witness clearly associated the event with the paranormal, and nothing to do with alien abductions. However, one wonders whether or not all these type of phenomena have some fundamental link?

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